Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good Things

I have posted a "favorite things" blog in a bit, so I figure it's time.
  • Big puffy storm clouds that threaten a ride, but never unleash til you get home.
  • Spring flowers on the side of a freeway.
  • Battling a headwind on a bicycle. Winning.
  • Someone to chase during a workout.
  • Colorful elephants.
  • The sound a frog makes when it croaks.
  • Laughing. A lot.
  • Running at 5am when the only sound is feet hitting the pavement and a random bird who thinks it is time to wake up and sing.
Thanks to Dan Stiles for the fun elephants!

Your turn - any good things?


A World of Gratitude said...

*Waking up with enough time to make it to work, after you turned off your alarm twice and didn't fully comprehend that you did!

*Eagles flying over during a trail run!

*Amazingly supportive friends!

*Pre-planned Friday off in April!

*Following one's dreams, no matter how much work it requires!

*Taking an unplanned off day, because you recognize that pushing onward will not make things better!

*Each sip of a homemade smoothie!

*Nibbling on homemade granola bars!

*The feeling of being grateful!

*Great and inviting blog posts!

Heather said...

hearing an owl WOOT on a 5:30 am run

Bob Almighty said...

* a quick rain shower during a long run on a hot day.

* Watching the mercury on a thermometer go above 60F.

* The sound of bike tires on pavement.

* getting pushed to the limit on a training run.

* the Yankees winning

SSB said...

-A new bike!!!

-Convincing a friend to do your bike intervals with you.

-Beet, banana, strawberry, spinach, lime smoothies- seriously.. I love 'em!

Running Bums said...

I love elephants too! :)

Matt said...

Laughing uncontrollably

great coffee

fun with friends

PCH on a nice day on the bike

trail running early in the morning with a layer of fog


Racing in new locations or fun old ones

ADC said...

Great list.

Hooterville Mayor said...

You should try an early morning bike ride here in the winter after a fresh snowfall. I'm quite sure that would make your list.

Christi said...

The first sip of my Starbucks!

Rockin' an elliptical workout when you can't run!

Sharing awesome training experiences with great friends!

Having a great coach who is also your friend!

Snakebite said...

Colorful elephants? How often do you see them? Can other people see them, too? Exactly what sorts of sports "supplements" are in ingesting? Inquiring minds want to know. ;-)

Luke said...

taking a half day from work to ride 60 miles just because it is nice out!

Teresa said...

Snuggling in a big down comforter on a cold day!!!


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Trying something new like swimming around Alcatraz!

Any time with my horse.

Black Knight said...

Well, a good thing is ... your list!
Mine is too long!!!!
n° 1 family
n° 2 I can run again after the terrible incident be continued....