Monday, March 7, 2011

Garden Update

The garden has been flipped upside down. Literally. 

The gnomes are having a convention to discuss matters. I assured them their home would be replanted in a week. Or five.

Lemons are looking great.

And the ladybugs are out.

If anyone has good garden planting ideas, let me know. I'm looking to try a few new veggies this season and I'd love to hear your favorites.


Aimee said...

Ha ha..I love your gnomes!
We always grow cherry tomatoes, which are awesome. But, last year we decided to plant some baby carrots. My boys loved pulling them out of the ground and they tasted soo good!

Barbie said...

I have to agree with the baby carrots, love them too. Also love zuchinni

rocketpants said...

I don't grow anything, but Kale is one of my favorite veggies. High in lots of good stuff for you.

Libby said...

bell peppers! super easy to grow and so much more flavor home grown. i kill most everything and they do great for me in the florida heat.
love the gnome convention by the way!

Teresa said...

That ladybug is huge...or is that part of the plant...oh, i know nothing about gardening ;)


TRI714 said...

Japanees eggplant is easy and goes good with stirfry ( I like it in stirfry tofu)
big fat tomatoes !!

green beens are easy too.

solarpowered said...

I love string beans from the garden. It's fun to build the strings or latticework that the beans will grow up.

And, your lemon looks way better than the one I bought at the store today...

Shawn and Tracy said...

Good luck with the garden...I have to do all my gardening in pots but love to grow basil and other fresh herbs. Sadly I do not have a green thumb and seem to kill plants regularly so maybe you can give me some tips ;-)