Thursday, January 27, 2011

Remember to LIVE

Fifteen years ago today a little bit of light went out in my life when I lost my good friend Allison. It seems a lifetime ago and it also seems like yesterday when she would pull me out of class in college to go on some "adventure". I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to share a lot of laughs with Allison.

On a ski trip in Colorado. Please note how fashionable we both were. Unfortunately I do not have video of what amazing skiers we were as well! Losing Allison was hard. But it also taught me a lot about life and trying not to take things for granted. Something I have been very grateful for over the years.

So in honoring my friend Allison - I invite you to enjoy something in life today. Don't just go through the day - stop and enjoy the view along the way. And have a good laugh!