Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Cozumel

I've had a bit of time to analyze my race. Monday my stomach had still not returned to normal and Tuesday it turned into full-blown puking and uh-oh-I-am-sick. Flying home while sick is something I hope to never repeat. I have no idea if I may have had a slight bug race day, but it was what it was. It leaves me a bit bummed that I feel I didn't end the season with an amazing race, but at the same time it also leaves me looking forward to next season and knowing I have a lot more to give come race day.

Post race we did some exploring and these are some of the sights we saw:

Mayan ruins.

In town.

These miniature sword fish were awesome - skimming the surface of the water with a hint of blue and yellow on their scales.

Colorful playground.

I loved how this looked like a miniature underwater forrest.

A real Mexican cowboy! This guy was awesome.

The beaches are stunning.

I will post some more pics tomorrow.


Beth said...

Oh that is a bummer about the stomach bug. Although I know you don't FEEL as if you had an amazing race, I was amazed! You have been so awesome and consistent - ALL YEAR LONG! Pretty inspiring if you ask me! And I know 2011 will be even better for you! You ain't no rookie any more! ;)

Now as for the pictures - the Mexican cowboy is by far my favorite! Although the mini underwater forest is pretty darn cool too! :)

Kim said...

hope you're feeling better charisa! beautiful pictures. i definitely miss coz!

Teresa said...

I can only imagine that flying sick is horrible. Glad you are on the mend and will have many more races to come!!

TRI714 said...

ugg, I had to fly back to Cali from Sascatchawan a few Novembers back with the cold shakes, then the sweats etc.. Freakin miserable. Take a break and get back at it fresh. You had and amazing year, and look forward to 2011. You and the road nome will be ready to fire away soon enough.

Running and living said...

I can't imagine racing sick! Wow! Even MORE impressive, Charissa! You've had an amazing year and it was great fun to follow along!

Christi said...

Feel better soon!

Angela and David said...

If you had the stomach bug that went around here, that thing is no joke. Hope you are feeling better. Amazing to end your season the way you did, especially if you were sick!


You know the history of Cozumel.... i hope it isn't morning sickness (LOL)

GoBigGreen said...

Oh i hope you are back to 100% today! I flew home from a tennis tournament when i was 18 yo and i had the worst food poisoning and like you, would never repeat taht. I didnt even get to play, i was that sick. Glad you got to "play" even if it wasnt up to par.
Enjoy the off season:)