Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zoot CompressRx Thermal Give Away

Zoot recently introduced CompressRx Thermal. Those ugly long underwear previously used for cold and dark winter outings - no longer needed. Now you can have compression with added warmth built in!

I got my hands on a few of the CompressRx Thermal tops and since I don't live where it gets super cold, I've decided I need to share some with those of you in need.

Tell me your best cold weather training story (NOTE - make me laugh and you'll have a better chance!) along with your CompressRx top size. I'll announce the winners later this week along with a new Zoot giveaway, so check back for more chances to win. You can either comment with your story or if you have awesome photos that make the story even better email me.

And if you don't want to wait and need to purchase CompressRx Thermal right away - head over to TriSports.com and use coupon code CWERN-S for 10% off today.


Kim said...

i will not be sending you pictures, but i was so cold on a training ride once that my nips became inverted. no joke. it was scary. and funny later when they finally popped out!

D said...

I can't beat Kim's story, but I dare any guy too! ;)

I have a pretty funny pre-run pic from a couple winters ago. I was not impressed with the idea of running. I'll try and find it to send to you. Since it's already winter here, I REALLY want that shirt!!!!

cheryl said...

One of my dogs loves to trail run with me, and she doesn't care how cold it is. We go out in the single digits, when its colder than a witches fart and she has to crash through the ice on the lake and the streams to get a drink. But she loves it, so I do it for her, and its starting to get cold now ;-)

Jill Costantino said...

no really funny cold running stories...I just don't run outside when it is THAT cold - but I would be much more inclined to with a shirt like that! I better get used to it soon because I've got a long winter a head with Marathon training:)

Jason said...

I mean Kim had to make you laugh, even without pics so that story is like Zenyatta right now and we are all trying to beat her.

Two weeks ago I went to Clinton, MS (I live in Dallas) and bought head lamp and taillight along with tank top and sleeves....it's MS so who needs warmer clothes right.

Set out on the 16 miler and I can see my breathe but not the sweaty ice crystals forming on my shirt as it was 5am and pitch black out

Get to the hotel room and while not inverted the blood from my nipples was frozen as well. Fun times trying to take a shower then.

Men's Medium Top Size in case I nose out Kim above.


TRI714 said...

Well I'm taking "D" challenge to be the guy that try's to top Kims little inverted issue.
Im from So Cal and I think 50 is cold. 90 % of my rides and runs start @ 5:30 a.m. . This year my birthday nov 9th it was 42 degrees in HB when I headed out on my 25 mile tempo ride.It was are first what I call real cold day. Happy birthday jack ass !hope you enjoy your present.
I threw on what I had and headed out I cared because I was freezing, but I love to ride so on I went. Hammering intermitant intervals at plus 26 mph on stretches, teethe chattering and body tight as hell.
Finally made it home and got indoors, ahhhh, time for fluid release. The problem was I was so cold, that I was reliving the SEINFELD episode in my head of, " I WAS IN THE POOL, I WAS IN THE POOL" and there was more than signifacant shrinkage. The poor guy's head was fully tucked away !!! And that's a true story !! Im and XL please. Clearly not all parts I guess. But Ive never heard complaints.

JenniferLeah said...

how can one possibly compete with nipple issues and shrinkage??

I just got off the treadmill and got outside to run in January 2010 :) yay me!! but being a new runner to the outdoors in Maine, I had a lot to learn.

One of my first long runs consisted of many layers but not layers of dry-fit or any type of wicking material.
I got in from a blistering cold 8 mile run, jump in the shower to warm up and ZIIIIING!
burning pain all over-I had rubbed myself raw in many places from the cotton clothing getting wet and rubbing my skin raw!
all along my waist, my bra line, my inner thighs, undies. OUCH.
Sorry-no pics of that to share.
I was scabby for days :(


OK, all us guys have had the "retreating" soldiers in cold weather. So mark us all down for that one. Now, the question is who has relieved themselves while riding and become frozen to the seat.... ??

Adam said...

I don't know if you know what Raynaud's Phenomenon is but if you don't Wiki it. Or here I'll do it for you (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raynaud%27s_phenomenon). But back before I had gone to the doctor to find out what was going on I just thought my hands got really cold and lost feeling.

So anyways to the story, as every runner knows you never trust a fart on a run. You just don't, so what do you do you hold it in. I live in the Pacific Northwest and cold days get into the 30's not usually much colder. But I had gone out for 7-8 miler when that all to familiar guttoral feeling struck and I booked it home. Since I had no yet visited the doc to find out why my hands kept freezing I had gone out sans gloves and my fingers had gone numb and blue by the time I had arrived back to my front door.

Before I took off running I had had the bright idea to take the house key off the chain and tie it in with my shoelace. I've seen others do it and it had to this point been fail safe however I was unable to undo the shoelace with frozen hands, unable to get the shoe off with my other foot and unable to get the door open. By this point in time the rumble in the gut was so strong I was forced to run into the backyard and take care off business there.

I remained outside for the better part of 20-30 minutes after trying to warm my hands up enough to get my key free so that I could go jump in the shower. Needless to say I haven't forgotten gloves since and I no longer lock my front door when running.

Barbie said...

I don't have any cold running stories as haven't been a runner for that long but I have many cold swimming stories. None of which I thought were funny at the time because I was little, skinny and made to swim in an outdoor pool in the middle of winter with squad. I would come out blue, shaking like I was having a convulsion and then not be able to walk in a straight line, teeth chattering so hard my jaw would hurt and the only thing that would help was that I would sit on the floor of the car in the front seat the whole way home with the heater blaring on my body so I could defrost. Ahhhhh, those were the good old days :)

Running and living said...

I have cold induced urticaria. What is that, you ask? Basically I develop a rash and swelling all over my body when I transition from cold to warm temps. I live in Boston and I run almost daily no matter the conditions.

The rash comes with terrible itching. I may have or may have not scratched my legs and butt to blood a couple of times. So now, I make sure that I have a swim scheduled the day after a cold run. Knowing I'll have to wear a basing suit is the only thing that stops me from scratching myself to blood. Now, some Zoot compressionRX thermal gear might be good medicine for my condition:)

Alex said...

Shannon and I decided to brave the rain-it couldn't possible pour all the whole time (little did we know-mwahhhahaha). She made us homemade ponchos and we had our fanny packs-Shannon's great snacks-craisins, chocolate poptarts, and power gels, wick clothing, visors and flashlight. Somewhere we took a wrong turn so we weren't sure how far we had gone but were determined to finish our original course of 18 miles.

We stopped at the Rush for quick water break and to take a power gel-it gave us enough energy to run up New Garden to the Guilford College Harris Teeter.We took our second break at HT, Shannon went to grab a gatorade and I went to grab the free cookies-when low and behold there were NO COOKIES! I gave the bakery attendant the stink eye and then proceed to have a mini meltdown-the rain and cold and soaking wet clothing (we were squeezing out the water in our gloves) were manageable-but NO FREE COOKIES? It was too much! Luckily we had a vanilla power gel. It tasted like frosting!

Anyways, we decided were freezing our tushes off, our limbs and joints were frozen that we were just going to run to my house and skip the last 3 miles. My hubby (who was waiting at what we thought was mile 15) volunteered to come pick us up but we were determined to do it. Home never looked so welcoming!

Kim said...

oh oh, i also have physical uticaria (like running and living)... after a long run in boston's winter weather, i return to my warm home with swollen, itchy, feverish thighs. i scratch until i bleed. i bought men's windproof boxer underpants in hopes to alleviate the issue, but the only thing that works is allergy meds which i refuse to take because i get sleepy. so i deal with the crazy ichy hives that accompany the stupid allergy. and for anyone else who has this - do NOT take a hot shower until the rash goes away. ugh, i really dont want to train for the boston marathon.

jessica said...

Last year I was an hour into a snowy 2-hour run (in an "old money" area of town) when I decided I couldn't stand wearing my sweaty gloves another minute, and used one to blow my nose before putting them away. You know, classing it up for the fancy-folk by skipping the snot rocket.

Sometime around then I then I also clumsily brushed a frozen chunk of hair from my face and only one glove made it into my pocket. It was a gaudy rainbow throw-away pair, so I didn't think twice about having dropped one in the deep snow and carried on the rest of the run.

I got home an hour later annoyed at those old money people - driving their big stupid cars, failing to yield, and sort of, well, gawking at me as they drove by. When I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror though, THERE was that rainbow glove I was missing...

plastered to the side of my head with frozen snot-glue.

(There's a pic of the gloves + all the other crap I wear here.
An actual thermal top would save me, like, hours :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Well, my wasnt that great, then I read Kims, I raise the white flag, there is no topping that one.

Running and living said...

I agree with KIM. Taking a hot shower when you have cold induced urticaria is the worst. Or coming home frozen and putting your butt in front of the fireplace....and minutes later your butt doubles in size and you want to scratch the skin off of it...I think I need to move to California.

Running and living said...

Oh, and just in case I beat Kim...yes, dream on, I am a size small.

solarpowered said...

3 words:

Blizzard Beer Mile.

It's a post on my blog, and I emailed you, too. :)

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Age 12. Falling through the ice! I guess I wasn't "training" at the time, more like pretending to be Artic Explorers on a thought to be frozen Lake Michigan. Had to tread water in Sorel boots while my friend pulled me out.

Black Knight said...

Interesting item. Here it's always warm so I am so lucky not to need a cold weather shirt. Even if I don't enter the contest I remember a "cold" story. Some years ago,I was in February in Edinburgh for the rugby match Scotland-Italy and I decided to enter a 10 miler. My son had the bag with all the running wears for the winter but he was late and I ran wearing only a t-shirt and short pants. I cannot forget all that cold!

AngelaM said...

Fortunately,(or unfortunately in this case)none of my training sessions have led to inverted nipples. Being outdoors when the conditions are so bleak you have countless people stop and ask you if you need a ride is one of my favorite times to be out training. When things get tough in a race, I don't think about the workouts that went exactly as planned, I think about the ones that required every ounce of strength and perservance to complete. It's a very powerful vein to tap into during a race. I'm not the most talented or gifted athlete but I will never skip a workout based on what a thermometer reads. The harsher the conditions, the more likely you'll find me outdoors training.

christopher said...

Ashley cannot compete with the nipple story, but she does have a good one.
She was running down Ooltewah-Georgetown Road. If you remember, this road is perfect for training, because it has about 8' of flat extra running and cycling room on each side of this tranquil highway.
She, as usual, was distracted by the scenery, and this time it was of all things, a white picket fence. She lost her footing and tumbled with the same force as falling off of a cliff. She scraped her knees, ankles, and elbows so bad it left scares. She couldn't even sport compression socks for weeks.

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