Friday, October 29, 2010

Cedric's View

Training picked back up again. The next two weeks will make me stronger or kill me. I doubt they will kill me so....

Cedric has been working on his tan. This would seem like typical work for a garden gnome, but being a traveling, bike-riding gnome, his life isn't always easy. He has traveled to over ten triathlons this year. In a big, dark box. He is sometimes frisked by TSA. He has been sweated on, rained on, had GU Brew spilled on him, and I may have even cried on him once during a particularly terrible training day on the bike. Therefore, sunny, ocean breeze days are a treat for Cedric, especially since much of his time is spent in a garage.

 This is his typical view. Seriously NOT very exciting...

And his view when descending.

This weekend we will continue preparing Cedric for his long day of racing in Cozumel. After the race he's coming off the bike for some boots-in-the-sand time!