Tuesday, August 31, 2010

San Francisco Images

I love cities. I will most likely never live in one because Steven does not share this same love of lots-of-people-crammed-into-small-places, but I still love them. I could sit at a cafe and look out the window in a city and just watch people for hours. And the abundance of places, things, etc. to see and do - all so fun! I tried to capture a variety of San Francisco through my eyes. Enjoy...

On my morning run.

Plumbing store at night.

Nutella makes all things tasty!

Green chair. Table. Mini green chair.

I want the tour next time.

 Steven's napping spot pre-race.

Swim exit race morning.

Mustache!!! (This man actually won a contest and $$ for best mustache). Steven makes friends while I am racing...

And takes great photos...

I'm already looking forward to my next SF trip.