Thursday, July 1, 2010

Explore by Bike

You know those rides - the ones where you are in a new place and you are riding simply to explore? I think they are quite possibly the best thing ever.

Today's ride started out past rows and rows of crops. Kale, lettuce, broccoli, etc. with Cedric securely strapped to my stem.

I ended up on this road that kept going up and up. I rode past cowboys herding their cows, hay bales, and did not see a single car for over an hour. Complete cycling heaven!

On the way home I rode through this little town. It was one block long. And I felt like I was in Mexico. I am pretty sure if I had stopped at the Quik-Mart I would have been able to practice my Spanish.

Tomorrow I'm flying up to Oregon for a wedding. I've got a lot of swimming and running on the schedule. I will be sure to capture lots of pictures on this adventure.