Sunday, May 23, 2010


My legs are worked. The training weekend was big. There was a lot of laughing mixed in with the work. I focused on the back of Ian's wheel and concentrated on not losing it for multiple hours. And because pictures are way more fun than text . . . here are a few.

I ride my bike by this Chicken-on-the-roof almost every day.
It makes me laugh.

The CD0.1 and I spent a large amount of time together this weekend. 
Good thing the bike is so comfortable!

Today's ride was cold and windy. When Ian and I started I'm pretty sure we both just wanted to go sit and eat pancakes instead of ride bikes. It seemed for the duration of the ride the wind was in our faces. Non-stop work was how it felt, and I'm the one in the draft! We finished up a solid ride and headed out to run. Ian and I don't do our runs together (because he's super speedy), but we passed each other half way through and high-fived. And that to me sums up our entire training weekend. We worked hard this weekend and the motivation that comes from having someone out there with similar goals is huge.