Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Moment My Arms Failed

Swim weeks have been adding up. I am sure they are making me stronger, but at the moment my arms feel like tubes filled with lead. Today was IM, the final set including a 400 IM race. Oh goody!

I looked just like this when I started. Take note Maggs...

And then it happened. Somewhere during the 75 fly of my 400IM my arms failed. I swallowed 1/7 of the pool. I recovered. Sort of. God bless whoever placed back-stroke after fly in IM - ahhh the ability to breathe during the entire stroke! Moving on to breast stroke. I look like this when I swim breast stroke.

I also probably don't go much faster.

Finally - freestyle. And a full-on sprint was required to keep from getting lapped by Mr. lane leader who can flip-turn like a pro - you know the kind where they do that fancy dolphin kick under water and just look fast even while flipping?! Yeah, that. When doing IM my flip includes a grab of the wall, gasping for air, wishing like everything I could just hang there a while. Or forever. Realizing I must keep going, and pushing off, rather halfheartedly. Friday and Saturday both include 2 hour swims with Ian. Go, go lead-filled arms!

GU UPDATE: Thank you for all your awesome ideas and comments! I loved the tart flavor idea. The new flavor is mandarin orange.
Katymoe, Holly and Aimee - email me your addresses and I'll send you some. And if you live in North County San Diego, come to SDTC track practice on Tuesday night and I'll have some mandarin orange GU to give you.