Sunday, May 16, 2010

Going Long

Training has been shifted to long-distance for my summer Ironman. Yesterday included a run - 2 hours moderate, then hard for the final 1/2 hour. I had a couple boys to keep me moving for the first part. I was on my own for the final hard miles. Just before I started the hard effort my Dad rode by on his bike and offered me the rest of his electrolyte drink. I love that I can randomly run into my Dad on a run and he just happens to have liquid calories for me!

Following the run there was a long swim where I got wet and did a few flip turns, but not sure I did much else other than purchase half of Trader Joe's market when I got out.

Today was a long ride with good company. And of course on a long ride it is necessary to refuel!

 Trying to capture Nick and I riding...oops!
At least my helmet looks nice!

121 miles later and I'm calling it a great weekend!