Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Orchard Ride

Yesterday's ride started with green fields and a lot of climbing. In the middle of this picture is the snowy mountain I climbed.

By the time I reached Riley's Farm it was snowing on me.

The coffee shop was closed. I considered turning around, but was more excited about making it over the top and descending the other side of the mountain, so I kept climbing, keeping a close watch to make sure the roads were not deteriorating. I have no desire to crash.

Snowy apple orchards are beautiful. At this point had I not reached the highest point I would have turned back, as slush was starting to build on the shoulders of the road. Instead I found a coffee shop that was open and sat and enjoyed this view with a latte.

I know I say this a lot, but the places my bike takes me are incredible. There were not many people on the mountain. The few there were throwing snowballs and looking at me kind of funny in my clippy shoes and spandex pants.

After ten minutes the clouds rolled back in and I knew I had to get off the mountain before snow started to accumulate.

The descent was a little cold, but definitely worth the views.