Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pedaling Squares

This morning's ride was beautiful. Not too cold, full sunshine, crisp blue ocean. Only problem was my legs were tired. I tried to start out slow and build into the ride, hoping maybe they simply needed extra time to warm up. When that didn't work I tried to ignore the legs completely.

It was one of those "Well, I'm glad it's over" rides. A ride where the bike with square wheels might have gone faster. And now it's time to regroup and forget about the ride before I head out for a run. My swim coach once told me "Just focus on what you are doing right now, don't worry about the rest of the set or the day or anything else. Don't let your head get in the way." So I'm clearing out the memory and will head out for the run this afternoon pretending it is the only thing I will do all weekend.