Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stretchy Paradise

This picture cracks me up - I look like Medusa.

Hawaii was a blast - the race, the post-race fun, the beach time, friends. It was great. I'm back on the mainland now, but my feet haven't come back down to earth. Therefore, my posts for the next few days are still going to revolve around the Big Island.

I went to stretchy class (yoga) today to try to undo some of the tightness I inflicted on myself all year. It may take more than one class to fix this. I'll try to stick with it and continue doing my best not to laugh at the ashanta-yamasnte-chatirungas that are chanted during my class. I completely respect the seriousness of yoga chanting, I think I just don't really understand how it fits in with my desire to stretch out my tight leg muscles...