Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kona Fun

Oh yeah - we are in KONA!!!!

This is the Ironman swim course. The little boat with the red sail - they serve coffee from this boat. You can swim right up to it and get a cuppa Joe on your swim. Only in Kona . . .

I love this picture - I look ecstatic to be in the water, Jeffrey looks terrified.

I have plans to get better underwater fish pictures after the race - this was a quick shot as I swam out on the course.

"Dig Me Beach" is in the background. The name says it all - its where everyone goes to check out everyone else in Kona. It's also the entrance to the swim course.

Underpants run - Kevin is behind me, Ian is in awesome 70s retro attire.

Kestrel checked out my bike. I actually put it in a box, reassembled it and did not screw anything up! Rock on!! Zoot gave us arm coolers - you keep them wet and they keep you COOL.

GU came out with two new flavors. The package on the left is pineapple - original packaging huh?! But check out the holiday flavor - vanilla gingerbread!

Ridin on Alii

2 Days!!