Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Good health. Something I try to appreciate, but when all is well it is so easy to take for granted. There is nothing more effective than waking up with a screaming sore throat and achy body to make me appreciate (or miss) my health.

This weekend I am flying to TX to race the Buffalo Springs 70.3 Triathlon. My sickness has most excellent timing! Normally "taper" = cutting back. This taper = green tea, vitamin C, resting, reading, doing nothing and watching everything imaginable on the DVR. Yesterday included the entire Boston marathon, an ITU women's triathlon race, and a random track meet. Thankfully Usain Bolt's entertaining antics saved me from daytime TV.

And should my sickness decide to linger, well, I have never been to Lubbock, TX before. I hear it is amazingly beautiful this time of year for sightseeing!