Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Bike Bags and Lemon Bars

This weekend's workouts kicked my butt. There were some bricks involved at race pace. My legs came along for the ride, but I wouldn't say they were happy with me or moving at "race pace". However, I will tell you the great things about the workout: the weather was perfect - big puffy white clouds. My new Kestrel bike is awesome. There should be a special word for the feeling I get when finishing a really hard workout. The feeling of flopping onto the grass with my helmet and bike shoes still on, happy with endorphins and the fact that I do not again have to get back onto my bike and push the legs harder than they want to go.

After the leg-killing workout I went out in the garden and picked some of our lemons. I made Todd's famous family lemon bar recipe. And let me just tell you - it rocked! I took the lemon bars to my friend Molly's house for her party. And then I proceeded to make fun of her very large bike bag.

I think I asked her if she puts an entire pizza in it when she goes for a ride. She was nice enough to open it up and show me all the little gadgets inside. There was even extra room for her cell phone, should she get stranded on a ride. This got me thinking of all the awesome things I could carry on a ride should I invest in a larger bike bag. Sandwiches, spare socks, a toothbrush . . . the possibilities are endless!

Actually now that I look at the photo the bike bag doesn't really seem THAT large. Thanks for the awesome party Molly! Your bike bag rocks!