Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spot of Bother vs. Fast Brian

I mentioned we had a relay team that rocked Wildflower. There was also a small competition between Fast Brian (yes, we actually call him that) and our relay team "Spot of Bother".

One thing I love about racing with my friends, and the sport of triathlon, is that there are multiple opportunities for friendly competition. Basically we have five events: swim, transition #1 (T1), bike, transition #2 (T2), run. This really just provides five opportunities to talk smack. I have heard on more than one occasion "Oh yeah, but I SMOKED you in T2!" Seriously - even these small wins are worth bragging rights!

Going into Wildflower we had several friendly bragging-right titles on the line. So just before the large climb at heartrate hill when I hear from behind me "SUCK IT!" and "HAHA, Jeffrey wins!" I couldn't help but laugh because Jeffrey had predicted that Kevin would pass me on the bike at the big climb. Nothing better than getting passed by someone who started 15 minutes behind you!!

The main competition was between Fast Brian, who raced long course, and our relay team "Spot of Bother". And yes, Fast Brian is that fast - it was possible our relay team might not be able to beat him!

Brian gave 110% running up the swim ramp to hand off the timing chip to Kevin. His plan was he would run so hard he might pass out at the top.

Kevin absolutely smoked the bike. After he passed me with his friendly encouragement on the big hill he threw his chain, had to stop to put it back on, and he still rode 2:33!

Fast Brian flying out of T2.

The boys had done the math and knew Emily needed to come around the corner in about a minute if they were going to take the win from Fast Brian. And sure enough, Emily shows up just in time!

Four weeks ago Emily ran her first marathon in Paris in 2:53.
At Wildflower she ran a 1:24.

Spot of Bother took the title!

Timing was a bit funky and Fast Brian's bike split and T2 didn't register.

A huge thanks to Steven for taking pictures and providing Spot of Bother with time splits. AND, he did all this on his birthday!!