Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twin 6 Rocks!

When I got home from work yesterday some fun stuff from Twin 6 was waiting for me! I think someone told them I don't match on rides - or ever - and they wanted to help solve my problem!

These are the top ten reasons I love Twin 6, in no particular order.
  1. The company is small - run by two guys in MN.
  2. These guys bike to work like me. All year. Except it gets colder in MN than CA!
  3. Their stuff is made in the USA.
  4. The bike clothes, t-shirts, messenger bags, even socks are fun colors and designs!
  5. They have helped Fat Cyclist in more ways than one to fight cancer.
  6. The clothes are comfortable, and soft, and fun to wear.
  7. Did I mention I will match now on bike rides?!
  8. They make cute kids gear, which I will be purchasing for my nephew once he is born.
  9. Nothing but cycling gear - and the t-shirt designs are great.
  10. They support other cyclists.
And a final picture - to show you I do in fact have tonsils!