Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Odd Sighting and Birthday Party

This morning on my bike commute I was passed by a guy on a mountain bike in a full business suit. Going up hill. To make it even better - he had a motor on his bike. And was not pedaling. The laughing started before he passed me, thankfully his motor was so loud he could not hear me. To make the entire scenario all the more funny, he had a Razor scooter strapped to the back of his bike. Perhaps in case the motor broke?? I scrambled to grab my camera out of my messenger bag, while trying to keep from falling over while climbing the hill. I failed (just on the camera front - I stayed upright). As entertaining as the scene was, I am sure he is doing his part to reduce pollution, so that was nice.

I promised some pictures from my birthday party. The party provided a little time to work on my karaoke skills. I think Jeffrey would still take me down in a contest, but advances are being made!

You know you have good friends when you receive full-footed pajamas with a flap in the back. And you are expected to model them and play rock band guitar in them. (FYI - they are warm!)

Fast Brian and I share the same birthday. He and Emily know I like Dr. Seuss and they made an entirely edible Dr. Seuss cake. The fact that they even knew what "fondant" was impressed me, let alone that they could mold fish out of the stuff and then eat it!