Thursday, March 12, 2009


This was me on my run last night.

I really am not sure what happened. Somewhere along the way my awesomely-planned tempo run quickly became the soooouuuuuuper-slow, try to survive and make it home shuffle.

I'm going to blame my bike. I rode some fun hills at lunch and pretended I was in the Tour de France (minus the peloton, the cheering crowds and the Alps.) The only similarity really was that there were a few hills and I played make-believe. It was quite enjoyable.

By mile 2 I could tell I was on empty, but figured I could slow down a bit and turn "tempo" into "easy". I continued on my loop route. At about the point when I was furthest from home the thought crossed my mind to stop in a gas station and ask the attendant if I could call Steven to come rescue me. This seemed lame and somewhat worse than needing him to rescue me when my bike fails me. So I continued on, dreaming of just about every food I could consume once I actually made it home.

At mile 8 while cursing my "loop route", I passed a strawberry field and wondered if there was some sort of fine for stealing strawberries. Had it not still been light out with tons of traffic going by I would have flopped down in the field and eaten about 100 of them.

I did make it home. It took an hour for the carrot cake, chocolate milk, leftover casserole and lima beans to hit my blood stream. I suppose if I get bonking practice out of the way now it might be good! And maybe I should start listening to Brian and carry a GU with me sometimes!