Friday, February 6, 2009

Torrential Rain, Wind and a Run

This was the forecast for our run last night. If the image had words attached they would read PURE JOY. We seldom get rain in Southern CA, and even less often do we get torrential down-pouring rain.

I am a huge fan of running in the rain. I find it exhilarating. Similar to stomping in rain puddles as a kid while pretending I was Mary Poppins and could fly down the hill I lived on with my umbrella. (I would probably still do this if I ran with an umbrella).

This was my last speed-prep run for the half marathon this weekend. I hope it pours again Sunday. I enjoy nothing more than flying down the road as the skies open up and unleash a torrential down-pouring of water, while the wind whips sideways and occasionally a car nails a small lake next to you, sending it everywhere.

I decided we gained at least 5 lbs in water weight by the end of the run. Our shoes turned into sloshy sponges and whoever invented "dry-fit" clothing - it was nothing but wet about a minute into the run.

We had a photo shoot afterward. Unfortunately it looks more like it is snowing and apparently my camera likes to focus on rain-drops more than humans.