Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rain, Pain and Trains

This weekend southern CA got its first winter storm. I got to ride and run in some chilly rain showers. (I know, I know, all you Canadian, Michigander and New Englanders can pull out your violins in unison.) It was actually a fun day of training. I tried to capture a picture of the angry ocean, but it probably just looks tropical because there are palm trees in it.

Our friend Allan rode Saturday as well. He made it 65 miles screaming down mountains in the rain, only to get home, ride up on the sidewalk at 3mph, get his wheel caught in a manhole and flip over his handlebars, landing on the sidewalk face-first. We're working on an award for "the most crazy accident." He now has 18 stitches in his lip, a black eye and a broken rib. 

Some funny notes from the accident. When asked his age right after he had regained consciousness, Allan said "uh, I don't know, 40-something." Our friend Mike decided this was a fair answer since after 40 everyone tries to forget their exact age anyway.

Once at the hospital the nurse attempted to put an IV in Allan's arm.
Nurse #1 to Nurse #2: Can you help me out there? This guy has tricky veins!
Allan to Nurse #1: Oh, I'm an Ironman.
Nurse #2: Oh I never saw that movie but I heard it was funny.
Allan has no recollection of this conversation, thankfully Mike was there to witness it so it can be recounted at many future parties. All joking aside though, we are really grateful Allan is going to be ok and wish him a very speedy recovery!!

And finally, what weekend is complete without a visit to the San Diego Train Show? Steven is somewhat of a model train enthusiast. Hence our yearly visit the model train show. Thankfully he isn't over-the-top into model railroading - meaning he does not dress up in overalls and an engineer hat. And some of the trains, scenery and buildings are actually really cool!