Tuesday, December 9, 2008

42° of Fun!

For those of you who think California is a warm paradise at all times, this post is for you. It was 42° when I got up to ride this morning and I had 1.5 hours of biking on my training schedule.

Being that I have a love/hate relationship with my trainer (mostly hate), I scrounged around in the garage to find my gloves, promising myself that the ride would end at a coffee house.

I have mentioned before that my clothes never seem to match when I ride (or run). I was not lying. I'm quite sure these gloves came straight from 1986. They say "
STORM" near the index finger. Therefore, I call them my storm trooper gloves. I do not care that they do not match - they keep me warm.

It's amazing how sometimes the coldest, windiest mornings by the coast are often some of the most beautiful. I made it up to the harbor and was entertained by about 10 seals. Half of them were all in a group in the middle of the harbor huddled together (I think they were cold too), while a few others kept popping their heads out of the water. This picture isn't that great, but the seals are in the center.
And I thought it was cold riding my bike on the coast - check out the guys that actually got into the water to surf this morning. I know, I know, they wear wetsuits, but it is still cold!

My ride ended at work, but not without a stop for coffee. I find it fitting that my car has 2 cupholders, none of which are large enough for my travel mug. My bike has 2 holders that hold it perfectly.