Tuesday, December 9, 2008

42° of Fun!

For those of you who think California is a warm paradise at all times, this post is for you. It was 42° when I got up to ride this morning and I had 1.5 hours of biking on my training schedule.

Being that I have a love/hate relationship with my trainer (mostly hate), I scrounged around in the garage to find my gloves, promising myself that the ride would end at a coffee house.

I have mentioned before that my clothes never seem to match when I ride (or run). I was not lying. I'm quite sure these gloves came straight from 1986. They say "
STORM" near the index finger. Therefore, I call them my storm trooper gloves. I do not care that they do not match - they keep me warm.

It's amazing how sometimes the coldest, windiest mornings by the coast are often some of the most beautiful. I made it up to the harbor and was entertained by about 10 seals. Half of them were all in a group in the middle of the harbor huddled together (I think they were cold too), while a few others kept popping their heads out of the water. This picture isn't that great, but the seals are in the center.
And I thought it was cold riding my bike on the coast - check out the guys that actually got into the water to surf this morning. I know, I know, they wear wetsuits, but it is still cold!

My ride ended at work, but not without a stop for coffee. I find it fitting that my car has 2 cupholders, none of which are large enough for my travel mug. My bike has 2 holders that hold it perfectly.


Hooterville Mayor said...

I will take warm clothing over style on a bike any day!!!
Good for you, riding in the cold. Remember what they say; "if it doesn't kill ya,,,, you'll probably wish it did!" ;)

Bob Almighty said...

40...man that's beach weather in New England! Yesterday it was 15F..hopefully this weekend it will be "warm" 35F+ and I can get back out doors.

Bandobras said...

40 degrees my god we worry about overheating in weather like that. When the lube on your chain freezes and then cracks and falls off give me a call. I'll introduce you to dry graphite lube for the chilly days.

D said...

Ok, seriously. Just when I start to talk about moving to California you throw up this post? Maybe I'll just lock myself in my room and hide in my bed until May.

beth said...

Here's my question (slash dilemma)...do you shower at work? Or just be sweaty/cold...do you have to get "dressed up" for work?

rocketpants said...

But not matching is actually a sign of people who are good at their sport. The more Ugly, mismatched...the better. Growing up we could always tell the really good skiers because they wore all sorts of wacky outfits completely mismatched. Besides i'm sure you were going too fast for anyone to actually see the mismatched gloves...right? :-)

Yea, was a little chilly this morning, getting going was a little rough. But I will take it any day over the winters I had in New England.

Roo said...

This is why I slept in and went to the pool at noon.

Ask Jesse sometime about my nervous breakdown after descending from Julian in 30 degrees with my "batting gloves." It wasn't pretty. After that trip I bought numerous pairs of gloves so let me know if you need to borrow some!

Ordinarylife said...

I had to do some quick converting as we work in Celcius, but once I did my first thought was "4.44 degrees, holy crap - that's cold!!!!"

I think we get there about once in a winter and I make sure to stay safely tucked under my 4 layers of blankets. (I don't do well with cold)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Yeah, okay - so this WAS a bit chilly! Good for you!! My mission is to find you a hat: anyone who can NOT ride the trainer gets an A+++ in my book. :) Don't think it'll match your gloves, but you'll be "stylin" anyway. Hope you made it safe and sound from the pool to work this morning! I'm STILL cold from the run from deck to the locker room! Yikes!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Super chilly...I ran in 52 degree weather the other night and was COLD. Until I warmed up anyway.

Love the cupholders!!!

Christine Dammann said...

you go girl! maybe you can pick me up and ride me to work. i'll sit on your handlebars!