Thursday, December 4, 2008

2 lefts then a fireball . . .

I get asked a lot what Steven does when I'm on my long rides. "Oh, he sits at home longingly waiting for my return. Sometimes cooking amazing meals for me since I come home super hungry!" Or something like that . . .

Golfing, surfing, crossword puzzles, running, yard work, the list goes on. It's probably easier if I just show some pictures.

If this picture had audio you would hear "Two lefts, then the fireball! No, no, you have to do the two lefts first, then the fireball. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Dude, I just killed you!"

What you can't tell from the picture is that Steven is multi-tasking. He is on the phone AND killing his twin brother at the same time.

His brother lives up north, but thanks to Playstation technology, they can play Street Fighter together whenever they want. This also keeps me from having to play Street Fighter with him. Not that I couldn't, or wouldn't be good at it (well, actually I'm pretty sure I'd suck at it), but I'm somewhat competitive though and it might not be good for our marraige.