Friday, October 3, 2008


In college my friend Wendy and I decided maybe we were eating too much sugar and should limit desserts to holidays. Oh yes, what a great plan - dessert on holidays! This worked well for maybe a week, and then we realized, eating desserts only on holidays is not fun at all!

Enter the religious calendar. PERFECT! We now could celebrate Rosh Hashanah along with Grandparents Day and Kwanzaa! Problem solved! Oh and we were good at discovering holidays! Fall equinox, bosses day, friendship day (Hallmark has really got this holiday thing covered.) To this day I think of Wendy when I see "Armed Forces Day" on the calendar.

Then there was the "Is this really a dessert?" question. Froofy coffee drinks for example . . . nawwww, those are beverages!

We finally figured out that our holiday plan was stupid and went back to eating dessert when we felt like it.

Wendy is coming to Kona with me and she just texted me to tell me that Yom Kippur begins on October 8 - the day we fly into Kona. Look out - two crazy midwest girls in Hawaii with holidays to celebrate!

I'm pretty sure that October 11 is going to be a Holiday too!