Monday, September 22, 2008

Final Monster Weekend = DONE!

And it was great! The final monster Kona training weekend is now over, finished, completed!

Cross country race this weekend was a 10k (whooo hoooo, a little bit longer - perhaps I can hang with those speedy girls?!) It was a 4-loop course. Since I have not come from a cross country background, I'm not really sure if this is typical of a cross country course?? I found it slightly repetitive, but perhaps I shouldn't be so picky! The course was fun - one hill smack in the middle, the rest was grass, dirt, etc. I loved it - nice things to look at, different terrain to run on, etc. So I figured the first lap I'd settle in, then try to build my speed, but coach's orders - don't race all out since this is final Monster weekend and there is much more to come.

Lap 1 - started easy (or "smart" as I like to think to myself)
Lap 2 - my legs still do not feel fast, oh well, only 2nd lap
Lap 3 - girls are passing me, oh dear, this is probably where I'm supposed to "pick it up"
Lap 4 - go go gadget legs! And in the final mile I started to feel warmed up - rock on!

Our team did great - we got 2nd and I believe we are still first in the series. Go BSK girls!!

After an awesome breakfast I hopped on my bike to ride home via a birthday party. It's amazing to me how many places your bike can take you! Four hours later I showed up at the birthday party (thanks for letting me use the shower Netta!!) and a feast of food! I have decided all rides should end at a party!

Sunday was the final Henshaw loop - 2nd half at a higher HR. I felt awful for the first hour or two, but I usually do, then the legs warmed up, got the HR up and life was good. It must be close to Kona because the market at Santa Ysabel was selling Halloween candy when I went in to get my iced coffee. Kevin was awesome and let me pull him all the way home, although whenever my HR started to drop he was right there jumping up in front of me to get it back up.

Home again, home again . . . oh no wait, off to run! 2hrs, I wore my fun Alii shoes because they make me look fast (or maybe they just make me think I'm fast - whatever, they are fun!) I ran past crazy soccer moms (only because I had to use the outhouse by the soccer field), beach tourists and my favorite - an old man watching football in his garage. I could just envision his wife inside very happy with herself for getting her husband to watch all football in the garage! The run felt good - nothing amazing, nothing terrible, it was 'A RUN'.

Pizza, a bath and a flop on the couch completed my day! What a great life this is!!