Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This morning in the pool Brian told me his new goggles came with Centerpieces.

REALLY?! Are there candles and flowers in them? (I only got a GLARE for this comment).

I always thought centerpieces were things my mother set on the table at Thanksgiving dinner. You know, the decorative sort of things that are supposed to be the perfect finishing touch to a lovely hand-made meal.
Some people even get a special table-runner to set UNDER the centerpiece - just to draw your eyes to it or maybe to catch the candle wax that drips?

I NOW understand though, that many pairs of goggles come with centerpieces! In the event that you lose your original centerpiece, step on your goggles and break the centerpiece (but of course not the actual goggle portion), or just feel the need for a fresh and new centerpiece, you can replace this portion at any time!

Only 11 days til Kona - I can't wait!! Oh, and I'll be sure to pack an extra centerpiece!