Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some Rehab

In years past I tended to do quite a bit of "training" in the off season. I figured I didn't want to lose all I had gained during the season. I worked harder than I ever have this year in training and I figured because of that, I was going to approach the off-season differently this time around. A real break.

Off season has meant sleeping in, maybe riding my bike or running to work, but choosing other things over training if they are an option. I decided to tackle the rehab of our bathroom. I have never laid tile in my life. So a bathroom rehab that involved painting, beadboard, chair rails and laying penny round tiles after ripping up old tile was in order. Because really, if I can complete some of the crazy triathlons I do, how hard could this be?!

My goal is to transform what used to be "Little Japan" into more of a "Connecticut" bathroom. I know the Japanese bathroom was perfectly fine. Except I've never been to Japan. And it is not me at all.

The beadboard that is going onto the walls.

Nick is awesome - not only is he always up for long rides, but he also knows everything about tearing out tile and removing toilets. Although after posting this picture hopefully I will not need to find myself another contractor. Or bike riding partner...

See what you can accomplish when you only swim 1,000 yards in one week?!